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PLS Picnic 2018 (Part 1)

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

Hello everyone.

On May 13, I and five students and their families went to a park in Hamadayama and had a wonderful picnic. There were around 75 children and many English teachers who participated in this event. Below is a group picture of the participants.

There were many games that the children played. They all did their best to communicate in English with the teachers there. One of the games was called the Snack Race. As you can see in the picture, the children had to grab a bag of chips with their mouths and then complete the race by running to the finish line. It was so much fun for their parents to watch.

Another fun game was called the Basket Game. The object of the game was to put as many balls into a basket that each teacher was carrying on their backs. It was very challenging for the kids -- especially when the teachers were running as the kids tried to catch them. Below are three teachers getting ready before a barrage of kids started chasing them.

Unfortunately, it began to rain later in the day, so the picnic had to end earlier than was originally planned. However, we were all able to enjoy eating our picnic lunches and playing many wonderful games. Most of all, we could all communicate in English!

I am so proud of all the children who participated in this year's PLS Picnic.

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