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Thank you to all the families who came to this year's PLS Picnic

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

Ecole Hibari students and their families were invited to a picnic sponsored by Pacific Language School on May 12. It was held in Hamadayama.

This is the picture of the students and their families that attended from Ecole Hibari.

When my wife, daughter, son, and I arrived at the picnic site, we were immediately greeted by Mr. Ray Ormandy, the creator of the children's materials used at Ecole Hibari. Below is a picture of him.

This is a great picture of Sakuya and her father relaxing under a tree. They really look great together.

Below is a picture of Masaki and his Dad. As you can see, Masaki's father is so proud of his son.

Minato and his family not only came this year, they also attended last year as well. This is a great-looking family, don't you think?

This year, Saya and her family brought their dog. They came last year, too. You can see that Saya's parents really support their daughter in everything that she does.

Yumiko Ono invited her two grandchildren, Izuki and Satsuki. I think they look so adorable together. They had lived in Germany because of their father's work.

Below are just random pictures that were taken throughout the picnic. All the children look so happy, don't they?

This is a day I will always cherish. I cannot wait until next year's picnic. I would like to thank all the children and family members who made this year's event a success.

Most of all, thank you Pacific Language School for inviting us! We love you.



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